The Book of Herbs by John Jarava

The Book of Herbs by John Jarava

16th century, 1557. John Jarava.

Marqués de Valdecilla Historical Library (Complutense University of Madrid).

The history of herbs and plants from Pedanius Dioscorides and other famous authors, with their Greek, Latin and Spanish names, newly translated to Spanish by John Jarava… with their virtues and properties, and the use thereof, together with their figures painted from real-life models.

Although John Jarava, the translator of the text, was considered to be the pseudonym of Francisco de Enzinas (1518-1552), a distinguished pro-European citizen of Burgos, with links to the Erasmian spirit, this hypothesis now has its detractors.

The text of the entire work is one of the best representations of Renaissance humanism.

It is a didactic and easy-to-read work that stood out in its time as a precise tool for recognising and identifying medicinal plants.

It also deals with the healing properties attributed to plants.

Unabridged facsimile edition of the original, 538 pages, 104 x 156 mm. Leather binding and bookplate.

Limited edition of 898 numbered copies with notarial certificate.

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