Bestiary of John of Austria

16th century. (Circa, 1570).

Attributed to Martín Villaverde, who dedicated it to John of Austria, an illegitimate child of Emperor Charles V.

The original copy is preserved in the monastery of Santa María de la Vid (Burgos).

Facsimile recreation of the only Spanish-language bestiary in the world. The sole bestiary written in Spanish.

Possibly the most illustrated in the world. Over 370 illustrated pages.

It has 484 pages measuring 170 x 237 mm, full of wonders, secrets and myths and with a multitude of coloured drawings of candorous naivety, which in a way anticipate what a few centuries later would be the naïf style. Its extensive graphic display extends over 370 pages.

Handmade binding, accompanied by an important volume of studies that includes, among others, a magnificent essay by Manuel Alvar, who was for many years a member and director of the Royal Spanish Academy.

Limited edition of 696 numbered copies with notarial certificate.

Fray Luis de León Prize 1999 for the best publishing work in special editions and facsimiles.

Images of Bestiary of John of Austria