The Voynich Manuscript

15th century. According to the well-known carbon-14 test to which its parchments were subjected, it can be dated between 1404 and 1438.

Author unknown. Yale University (USA). Beinecke Library (MS 408).

The impossible book. The book that no one has been able to read. The most enigmatic codex of all time. Probably of Italian origin.

A completely unknown Language. A humanist cursive script.

Its mysterious text is illustrated by multiple scenes of naked women, unknown or non-existent plants that botanists have not been able to catalogue and constellations that astronomers have not been able to identify.

An unabridged facsimile edition that perfectly recreates the state of the Yale University original. 162 x 235 mm and 252 pages, which, surprisingly for a work on vellum, includes several fold-out folios.

The binding is in fine handmade parchment, an exact replica of the original, and a preservation slipcase with the distinctive touch of its special cloth covering, inmutuba cloth, which is not only the oldest cloth in the world, but also one of the most coveted and sought-after in the world.

Limited edition of 898 numbered copies attested by notarial certificate..

2018 National Prize. Best books published in 2017. Ministry of Culture. Modality: facsimile books.

Images of The Voynich Manuscript