Siloé, arte y bibliofilia

Graphic works

Siloé, particularly attentive to all kinds of cultural and artistic manifestations, has always considered graphic art to be one of its most important and attractive expressions. For this reason, and from practically the very beginning of its foundation, Siloé has incorporated into its extensive catalogue a rich collection, published by third parties, of large works with engravings and lithographs by many of the most renowned and sought-after artists in our country and the world.

But we have recently gone a step further and have dared to publish an extraordinary Book of artists, a collection of poems by a brilliant poet, Antonio Gamoneda, a winner of the Cervantes Prize for Literature, among many other awards, which his good friend Carlos Piñel interpellates and interprets with an overflow of art. The fruit of this close collaboration: El imaginario del vertigo (the Imaginary of Vertigo), a work that is probably to mark a milestone in the history of our poetry and art.